Saturday, April 10, 2010

IPL - A platform for the struggler's dream

4.5 Dole to Gilchrist, OUT, Gilly out on dole! It was short in length and Gilly goes for the pull shot but mistimes it completely and has been caught in front of square-leg. Entertainment ends.
AC Gilchrist c Lumb b Dole 34 (17b 3x4 3x6) SR: 200.00

17.2 Muralitharan to Ojha, SIX, Ojha keeps swinging and gets into his 80s, getting under a length delivery and lofting it over deep square leg

Well these are some excerpts from cricinfo commentary which regularly keep an eye on.
IPL 3 would have been mix of good bad and worse performances , people may believe that it is marketing of cricket and IPL is only ruining cricket. Apart from all the allegations on IPL , I personally believe that I would not have been able to see such commentaries soon enough in my life.
Aditya Dole, a player from our nearby Pimpri-Chinchwad gets a chance to open the bowling attack when Gilchrist is on strike , and he strikes . The last match against Deccan I distinctly remember Amit Uniyal opening the bowling attack and striking in his second over . Naman Ojha hitting sixes on Brett Lee , Shane Bond , Murlitharan . Saurabh Tiwary striking with his power bat and there are many faces who have got a chance to prove their worth and a platform that would never have made available to them. Or they would have to strive really hard to strike.
IPL has come up like a boon to those players who from years have been struggling in their domestic formats and never have been able to find their place and recognition in front of the audience .Sadly, in our country if you play for your country you have name fame recognition and everything else you want. But if you play and perform for your states just one level below you will always be looked down upon the profession you chose and will always be considered as a loser. Either you are THE eleven or you are no one. And these years when you play for nothing and you are never recognized comes as a toughest part in your life and you need to have the patience and the courage to carry on with your dream, I respect that. And if once in a blue moon they get their share of credit and recognition which they deserve, I’m very happy to take it in lieu various allegations put on IPL as a bad form of cricket.

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