Friday, December 3, 2010

Have I Made it Large or Will I Make It Large

Last night at my office sitting and watching the Royal Stag Advertisement which said Have I made it Large. I thought of the same thing. The advertisement was amazing , it actually ran goosebumps into me but also raised a question.

Well three years back I still remember the day I entered the Symbiosis Campus when there was a huge crowd outside the Symbiosis Auditorium. I still remember the speech by UKC (Obviously not me ).It made me feel as if this is the best place to learn media on Earth and if Barkha and Rajdeep would have had studied here . They would have been whatever they are 10 years earlier.

But I also saw the huge line which had people from almost every corner of the country. Smart , fools , handsome , beautiful , hot , dumb , clever , nurds. And I one of them and which one I really don't know. That was one moment in my life when I thought that if on earth I clear this I will make it large.

Well I cleared it , God knows how but I did . Then coming to my first day at college. Believe me guys I got scared. Young bright talented smart faces. What will I do how will I survive. But i learned fast and I think I managed to swim my way through in these three years.

Today sitting at the office watching the huge queue of journalists whom I have to compete with to become the next Karan Thapar. I think that will the line which started from the GDPI when the dream was born ever end.

And when I look at the never ending line....I just say ...when will be the time when you can feel you made it large ...Coz if you are large someone else would always be larger ...Till the time you don't end up being the next Obama...COz I think Manmohan Paaji also thinks Sonia Ji made it larger...

And then it reminds me of the song from "Luck By Chance". "Bagiya bagiya baalak bhaage , titli fir bhi haath naa lage . Is pagle ko kaun bataye .Dhund rha hai jo tu jag main . Koi jo paye to man main hi paye."