Sunday, March 28, 2010

CULTURAL SHOCK- I think I'm over it

One of my friend while having an ice cream at Naturals was discussing about cultural shocks , and suddenly I realized that I also went through one coming to Pune , there is a great difference in Bhawani Mandi and Pune. He told me that I have adjusted well into the new culture. I gave a thought over it..You know what it took me more than a year to actually adapt to it or understand it. The first year I never tried adapting to it but rather tried getting into it being a part of it without knowing it. I tried and missed , once again tried and missed and again tried and tried, Till I came to know that adapting to a culture is not all about being a part of it but understanding it . Its not that to adapt a new environment you have to change yourself , or you have to leave everything of your past, Its just to broaden your mindset and create a space for some more to enter.
What is a cultural shock ? Experiencing something which you haven't till now in your life. New people , new customs , and new thoughts. We often tend to run away when we experience something like that and try defending our thoughts and accuse others for their perception, But I believe the key lies and giving a chance for them to make a place in our heart and mind. Understand them , there must be some reason for what they are and for what you are neither are wrong but none is superior. So be the way you are but open your mind for anything to enter.......