Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ruchika Case-Is only one among a huge lot

Once again,media has shown that how it can stick to one case like a worm and run three days non-stop telecasts regarding the same.Gud enough,DGP Rathore deserves all those which is happening to him,but once again Indian Media is working on the same juice the sugar cane till the end attitude and is not trying to look at the broader picture.
Why is the Ruchika case gettting so much importance.Three points I would like to get your focus on.
First point-The case took 19 long years of justice and the punishment was for six months.Even Liberahn submitted his report in only 17years 4 months despite gave us nothin substantial.But still 19 years was long compared to this.
Second Point-The girl did a suicide and is now no more in this world.
Third Point-The Policemen retired as a DGP and got various medals.

Now, delete any point you want.The media won't find enough masala to cover the story forget for a day even for an hour.And as you start deleting the points you would start finding more and more cases of our Police considering themselves bigger than god.But why on earth the media cares for them they need enough masala to be telecasted .While working with Dr. Kiran Bedi in the span of two months I came with many interesting cases-Case 1-A girl and boy got married without the will of the parents. Girl's parents forcedthe girl to come back and got her married to a Police Officer in Dehradun. Since then the boy is getting regular threats from the Police Staion Of Vikas Nagar, Lucknow and has lost every hope of getting her love back.Case 2-A man went to the police sation to complaint about his stolen car but rather listening to his conmplaint they started beating him and took any actions.Case 3- And now our own Viman Nagar PoliceAs such we all know about their kind behaviour and humble attituude but still this is one more. A girl went to the police station saying that she is a victim of forceful sex with the promise of marriage. She became pregnant and she was also made to abort her child and the guy has fled away.The police man despite of registering her complaint suggests her to go to church and pray coz she was a catholic ,how considerate they were.
Now these cases are not able to get justice and the media would be least interested having a look at cases like them which is in plenty coz they lack the content.My point is why can't the media raise the whole issue of the deeds of policemen rather only focusing o a single case.By raising this whole issue of the way police men has been behaving can help a mass population rather than a single Ruchika.The issue is very serious and will lead to reponsible journalism and a bit of research can also generate good TRP's.But at the end who cares if we can run three days on a single case why searching for more.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Favourate Prayer

God give me the courage to the change things I can ,
God give me the pateince to bear things which I cant ,
And give me the wisdom to differentiate between the two.